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Maya Fairy 

A Middle Grade Novel 

A children's book for adults, young mothers struggling to connect to their child. Maya Fairy tells a magical tale of a girl, her mum and a fairy who lives in their house. Together they solve a mystery that stretches between our world and the invisible world of the fairies. 



An Upper Middle Grade Novel

Moon has a terrible cold. Her mum's insistence on unconventional treatments takes them to a lonely island in Scotland where a mysterious Clearlake Institute promises to cure her illness. However, she soon starts to suspect that something much more sinister is going on. 


The Soultrapper 

A YA Novel 

Best friends Stef and Paul come across a state-of-the-art Virtual Reality immercive computer game. They soon discover that it just might be linked to a terrible school bus accident that occurred ten years prior. 

The soultrapper_ebook.jpg

Coming Soon 

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